Can I really save money with your membership over my current insurance?

In most cases the answer is ‘yes’. By combining your membership with a high deductible/catastrophic plan or a health cost sharing plan can save significantly over a traditional health insurance plan. Everyone’s situation is different. You can reach out to us with your unique situation and we would be happy to help you see how much you could save over your current plan.

Do you take my health insurance?

No, we don’t bill or use health insurance at Private MD Care. We follow a Direct Primary Care model which allows us to focus on delivering excellent health care services, focusing on you as an individual. We have 1 hour appointments so that we can really get to know who you are and understand your health goals, and help you meet those health goals. Because we aren’t rushed to see 20-25 patients in a day we can take the time to address all of you concerns and approach your health in a more holistic way.

For our patients on Medicare our membership fee is separate however, tests, medications, studies, and referrals are covered by your regular Medicare benefits.

Should I cancel my health insurance plan once I am a member of Private MD Care?

Membership with Private MD Care is NOT health insurance. We recommend that you maintain some form of health insurance, which would cover you in the event of a heart attack, stroke, serious accident, or cancer care. We strive to provide true health care, with an emphasis on care. As full scope primary care physicians we are able to meet around 90% of your health care needs. We promise a hassle-free health care experience and a level of service that can’t be beat.