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Shawn Rowland, M.D.
Board Certified Family Medicine

G. Kim Rowland, M.D.
Board Certified Emergency Medicine

our philosophy
unparalleled care

Having both grown up in Salt Lake City we remember when medicine was about relationships as much as it was about diagnoses. That time is here again. We believe exceptional medical care starts with one on one, undivided attention for those that have trusted their wellbeing to us.

direct access 24/7

At its finest, we believe medicine has the power to transform the lives of both patients and physicians. At the core of this belief is access to your doctor. As a member, you get 24/7 direct access to your doctor.

executive level attention

A small panel of patients plus a dedicated physician leads to an unparalleled calibre of care. Because of the extremely high level of service that we provide to each of our patients, space is very limited.

what makes us different

As a mobile primary care practice we use the latest in technology to bring the doctors office to you.

what makes us different

We don’t accept insurance because we value the physician-patient relationship above all else. Your health care decisions are between you and your doctor.

what makes us different

For less than a monthly cell phone bill we offer unlimited primary care specifically tailored to your needs.

what makes us different

Why make an appointment weeks in advance to wait in a crowded room for 15-minutes with a provider? We offer extended time with your doctor exactly when you need it.

how do we compare

– 24/7 MD access

– Extended time with MD

– No co-pays, no deductibles.

– Convenient in-home visits (for an additional fee)

– Significant savings on labs and medications


Conventional Primary Care

– Limited access through assistant

– Limited time with provider

– Treatment dictated by insurance companies


* All memberships include anytime access to your MD. House calls available for an additional fee. See the FAQ page for details.

what people are saying

Dr. Shawn is amazing with my 3 kids. He has taken care of my youngest since he was born. I ended up transferring the care of my older 2 because I was so happy with Dr. Rowland’s care. It’s been hard to find a family doctor that we liked. So glad we found one! – 34-year-old super-mom

I recently came to Dr. Shawn Rowland as a new patient after loosing my job and realizing that I would be out of health benefits soon. I always considered myself a pretty healthy guy but when I went to see Dr. Rowland I told him that I had been having some episodes of feeling out of breath and more tired than usual. He told me he wanted to get an EKG. It only took a few minutes and afterwards he came in to the room and showed me the results. He explained that he was concerned about what he was seeing and wanted to get me into a cardiologist. He actually called the cardiologist right there in the exam room and got me an appointment that same day. The cardiologist he recommended was amazing! My heart was really sick and I was scheduled for a coronary bypass the next day. 2 months out and I feel great! I will forever be in Dr. Rowland’s debt! – 59-year-old retired engineer

We were on vacation over the holidays and one of our kids got sick. We weren’t sure if we needed to go to the ER or urgent care or just stay home. His cough was sounding worse and even though it was around christmas we decided to text Dr. Kim and he responded almost immediately.  After asking a series of questions he assured us that we didn’t need to go into the ER and gave us some things to look out for to make sure our son wasn’t getting worse. You can’t place a dollar amount on piece of mind! He made us feel at ease and sure enough our little boy got better and we were back to vacation fun! – 40-year-old business owner

Dr. Rowland’s commitment to providing the best possible care for his patients drove him to Direct Primary Care. His compassion and knowledge combine to form a highly competent primary care physician. He has my highest recommendation.
Shariq Shamim, MD
Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Rowland is an incredibly innovative and forward-thinking doctor. Because of his superior clinical abilities he does not over-recommend expensive or unnecessary tests and has a personal and humanistic touch  to every interaction – exactly the kind of doctor you would want! He has creative solutions for the healthcare industry as a whole and also for individual patients. I would strongly recommend him to lead any healthcare organization and equally recommend him to any person looking for a caring physician to lead their healthcare team.
Jamie Weinand, MD
University of Arizona, Department of Psychiatry

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